Frequently Asked Questions

The reason SHAZZA advises to use a credit card is due to the hold amounts not being debited, therefore the refund of deposits and other expenses that may occur are much quicker than if you were to use a debit card. This held amount as a deposit is not deducted from the card unless there are charges added to the leased vehicle. For example, Salik (Toll) & traffic fines.

The vehicle rental deposit is not charged to a card (providing this is the method of payment) so there is no actual refund from SHAZZA. However, it can take up to 14 days for SHAZZA to release any held deposits due to the deductions for Salik & traffic fines if applicable. Once SHAZZA releases the deposit to the relevant financial institute, it is their banking terms for refunds that are enforced for then releasing the hold amount back to the Customer. We advise you to check with your financial institute the return policy on pre-authorized amounts. Shazza currently uses the platform VaultsPay to take payment you may check their terms and conditions at

Customers may receive a message from their financial institute when the money is held as a pre-authorized amount. The held amount won’t be debited from the account until the fines and pending payments are due. Customers will only see actual charges on their statements.

UAE Resident Visa holders must have held a Valid UAE license for over a year. For visitors with a GCC passport, a valid GCC Country License is required. For other countries, a valid International Driving License is mandatory. For a list of countries whose visa holders can drive without an international license please refer to our Customer KYC policy.

Yes, they must be at least 21 years old, and hold a valid driving license and credit card.

Yes, they must be at least 21 years old, and hold a valid driving license and credit card. For SHAZZA’s luxury car option you must be 25 years old.

Parking in UAE is readily available. Parking along the roadside is paid parking with parking meters installed. Parking charges vary by time of the day and parking zone. Customers need to check the parking zone they are using and pay the appropriate fee when parking their rented vehicle. The majority of Dubai parking is owned by the Roads and Transport Authority, to which you may use the Mpay SMS service to park. You can refer to the terms via RTA Parking Services.

We strongly advise all customers to follow the traffic regulations for their safety and to ensure that they adhere to the law. The most common traffic fines reported in the country include:

  • Exceeding the speed limit
  • Failure to pay for parking
  • Poor lane discipline
  • Not following traffic signals
  • Failure to wear seat belts
  • Using a phone while driving
Should any of the above fines be collected whilst renting from SHAZZA, your deposit will be affected.

You may discuss with the Vendor using the SHAZZA platform to ensure the Vendor agrees to the vehicle being used for this purpose. The Vendor must provide a letter stating permission is given and this must be uploaded to the SHAZZA platform. To film or record within Dubai for this purpose you may refer to the Dubai Film and TV Commission (DFTC) via How to film in Dubai.

Salik is the UAE toll payment system. Each toll is charged at AED 4 per crossing. SHAZZA does not determine the price of Salik and to avoid any RTA fines we advise our Vendors to ensure they must have sufficient money on their Salik account before renting the vehicle to the Customer. You may understand Salik via RTA Salik Services Catalgoue

Parking in Dubai is a paid service in most zones 8am to 10pm, Saturday to Thursday. Parking is free on Fridays, except in zones that have blue information signs. In such areas, parking is a paid service on all days of the week. Toll-free hours on Al Maktoum Bridge are applicable when the Floating Bridge is closed. There will be no Salik on Al Maktoum Bridge from 10pm to 6am, Monday to Friday. It will be free on Sundays (Saturday at 10pm till Monday at 6am). For ways to pay for parking please refer to the RTA which will provide a number of methods available. Recommended is the method of Mparking.SHAZZA does not hold any responsibility for the fees, information or communication on parking, tolls and other non-rental charges. For all other Emirates we advise you to contact the Vendor or the local roads authorities for the individual Emirate.

Pick-up and drop-off locations are at the sole discretion of the Vendor. Customers may discuss this on the SHAZZA platform.

No. Off-road use unless specified in the Vendors’ rental bio is a violation of the rental agreement and is strictly forbidden.

Rental extensions may be discussed between the Vendor and Customer. Any agreed extensions of rental must be created on the SHAZZA platform.

For any insurance coverage to be applied to a rental agreement, a valid police report is mandatory. Customers may opt for third-party insurance at the time of booking. It cannot be added during the leasing period.

No, SHAZZA does not allow international driving of the vehicles provided by the Vendors.

Yes, please make sure that bookings are modified if travel plans changed via the SHAZZA platform. The cancellation policy on the terms and conditions may apply.

On rentals, there are no refunds for unused days. On monthly or long-term leases, if the customer has chosen to return before completion of the month, a refund may apply subject to the discretion of the Vendor themselves.

Medical Insurance must be presented as the below in order to rent a vehicle Medical Insurance Requirements Resident Residents must provide proof of Medical insurance to Shazza in order to rent a vehicle from a SHAZZA Vendor. Residents must provide a valid medical card showing the medical insurance company, residents name and details. The medical card must match the details of the resident's Emirates ID to be considered valid. Tourist Tourists must provide Travel Insurance covering the United Arab Emirates in order to be able to rent a vehicle from a SHAZZA vendor. Should you require any further questions answered please contact us on the SHAZZA platform via the Contact Us page. All terms, questions and answers are deemed legal in English and precede any other translation that may appear on the SHAZZA platforms. SHAZZA is not responsible for the translation of any wording other than that of English.