Carpreneur standard


  • Be responsive. Respond to booking requests and changes as soon as you can. Renters count on hearing back from you and quick responses inspire confidence and help create bookings.

  • Accept trips. Make renters feel welcome by accepting trips whenever you are available to do so.

  • Avoid cancellations. Refrain from canceling trips as much as possible, as it leads to disappointed renters and potential bad reviews

  • Maintain good ratings. Provide a five-star experience to keep renters coming back


Create an attractive listing


  • Share vehicle details. Tell them everything they need to know about your vehicle. Anticipate questions and set clear guidelines and expectations. Let you and your car shine.

  • Upload high-quality photos. Make a good first impression by posting great quality photos. Upload multiple, clear, exterior and interior photos taken from different angles. 

  • Set competitive prices. Ensure your prices are in line with similar listings and reflect changing demand.

  • Offer discounts. Set discounted rates for customers during competitive times.


Give renters what they want.


Tip 1.

Make your listing available 


Tip 2.

Offer delivery - meet the renter at their location, if possible 


Tip 3.

Consider including insurance policy 


Tip 4.

Offer extras


Accept trips and stay committed.